Saturday, 16 June 2012

sweatpants friday.

Zara jacket // Wildfox Couture 'It was the best of times' // Bassike jeans // Tony Bianco shoes

These pants are my answer to the guilt of wearing sweatpants to anywhere that is not my house (late night runs for ice cream are excepted). They are an item of clothing that should strictly belong to the wardrobes of old men over 50 or housewives with big boobs, extensions and the need to stamp JUICY on their ass. Truth be told, I've seen people wear sweatpants and really pull it off; as in they look freaking fantastic in them, not so much I actually want to pull them off. I'm pretty sure that's the kind of attention people don't want. But I'm not someone with the kind of cool factor to be able to wear sweatpants and not look like I just rolled out of bed. Not that it has stopped me from trying. Most things can be solved with an Acne leather jacket afterall... 

In the meantime, my comfort completely depends on these Bassike babies. They're just the normal straight-leg slightly-high-waisted jeans but I sized up ridiculously on these and because they're kinda highwaisted, I wear them on my hips and voila incredibly comfortable jeans with extra slouch factor. My mum hates them because they make me look like I have dwarf legs- but you know what? This is the same lady who told me that if I really wanted to go for this look, the crotch may as well drop to my knees, then it's really a look. And this was said with no sarcasm. Hello? Mixed messages much?


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