Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Christmas @ TK Maxx

The silly season is just around the corner and it's the perfect excuse to be entertaining (especially when there are gifts involved). 

I recently popped into my local TK Maxx store to stock up on necessities (and trust me, when Christmas decorations are involved, everything is a necessity) for entertaining and hosting on a budget this Christmas, as well as a couple of gifts that will make perfect stocking fillers for my loved ones.

This was my first time shopping at TK Maxx and I was absolutely stunned at the wide range of things that were available for purchase - everything from candles to Christmas decorations to games. I'm not going to lie - I definitely did not stick to the shopping list in my head, but everything I purchased pretty much followed these 3 rules:

1. As long as the house looks and smells festive, your failings in the kitchen will be forgiven (maybe). 

2. Nothing brings people together like competitive games. 

3. There is no such thing as too much gold accents. 

TK Maxx is the perfect Christmas destination to stock up on goodies for hosting and entertaining on a budget, and also for presents and gifts for everyone (how good is it to tick everyone off in the one shop!). Every TK Maxx store has different stock and each store receives several deliveries each week, so it’s a treasure hunting experience like no other, and you are sure to find something for everyone on your list!

I picked up this coffee cup (which came in a set of 6) for $20, the photo frame for $15, and the vase was only $25 and they are all perfect gifts for loved ones!

What are some of your Christmas entertaining tips for styling and gift giving on a budget? 

x Karen

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  1. Egads!
    Why dost thou call thyself damned?
    You aint damned, dear.
    I. Love. You.
    And I wanna see you Upstairs.
    Thats a DAMM order!!!!!!!!!!