Thursday, 27 February 2014


Untitled #25

Autumn is very much on the horizon for those of us living in Sydney; the leaves are starting to turn a golden hue, there's a slight chill in the air when you drag yourself out of the bed in the morning and the sun doesn't turn it up every weekend to necessitate baking for endless hours at the beach. The phenomenon with Sydney weather is this - autumn (and spring) always past in such a blur that you question its very existence and before you know it, you're rugging up for winter in thick knits and leather everything. 

It's essential to take advantage of the few, truly Autumn days because every year, without fail, I earmark outfits for this season and before I know it - bam! winter. But I really shouldn't complain, winter in Sydney is hardly anything to compare to the freeze I felt in Europe. Perhaps this year, now that I've experienced a real winter, I can drag my "Autumn designed 'fits" well into winter? And I know exactly what I'm going to be wearing when the mercury drops (and hopefully stays down because I can almost smell an Indian summer heading our way, I'm normally also for a prolonged summer but there are some pieces that I'm dying to wear):

1. Leather jacket I currently own three leather jackets; my bulky Acne Rita and two thinner versions from Saba and Mister Zimi. I don't foresee myself investing in another leather jacket piece this A/W period but I guess if this BLK Denim piece goes on sale, although it's probably time I ventured away from the tried and tested colour of black for a leather jacket. 

2. Longline knitted coat At the end of the last winter season, I snatched up this beauty when I was shopping at Paddington with the lovely Oh, my gilded! and it's going to be the perfect go-with-everything jacket. It adds instant polish to an outfit whilst the fact that it's knitted keeps it Sydney-casual. The length of the coat really help to elongate your body because we can't all be 180cm models but we can give the illusion, non? 

3. Tall boots The Stuart Weitzman 'Reserve' boots has found itself right into the forefront of my Birthday wishlist. We all know how obsessed with boots I am and for the past two years, not one pair has creeped past my lower calf - not since the disaster that was a pair of black suede thigh-high boots, disaster because somehow I was convinced that they would be good sans heels. The 'Reserve' boots have a slightly higher heel than the 50/50 and a slightly more tailored ankle without losing that chic (and cheeky!) height of being just above your knee and not hitting true thigh height. 

4. Shorts Why have over-the-knee boots and not wear them with a pair of amazing Willow shorts. The loose design of the shorts paired with these boots will guarantee instant model legs. Now you can skip the gym and indulge in one last summer sunset over Bondi Beach with a glass of white. 

5. Oversized scarf Preferably in a variety that can double as a picnic rug for an impromptu picnic involving cheese, crackers and strawberries. Autumn really is a fantastic time to go outdoors and stay there without freezing your limbs off or sweating yourself into dehydration. Whilst outdoors, allow yourself one instagram photo before shutting off technology and just enjoy life. I, myself, plan to steal my mum's Jac + Jack wool shawl, it would be a pity not to get the most amount of wear out of this amazing ikat print as possible. 

And you thought this was going to be purely a wishlist of the things that I want. Nope, it's all about shopping from your own closet! I've been on a rampage trying to whittle down my wardrobe to a more manageable amount of clothes, now things are just starting to pile into a huge for-sale-on-ebay pile. Hopefully I can try and tackle it this weekend. 

x karen


  1. love the knitted coat.x

  2. Aw you're the cutest! That Camilla & Marc coat was meant to be! Looking forward to more shopping trips super soon x