Friday, 6 December 2013

Poms Poms

Nothing makes me happier than fresh flowers around the home; especially now that peonies are in season- I will definitely be splurging on them this summer. I've been super busy at work recently that I haven't had any time to any outfit photos. So, here's a collection of some of my favourite things:

1. Peonies & Chrysanthemum Pom Poms - these make me smile everything I walk past them in my house. The best thing that my Petit Noe has carried so far.

2. My Eeyore snow globe that I received as a birthday present two years ago - a combination of my two favourite things: Eeyore & snow globes. Looking at it makes me wish for a white Christmas.

3. New Glassons white ripped jeans that are going to be perfect for summer - the price point is really attractive because ripped jeans will always get more ripped and once you pass the point of them being just glorified shorts with denim mullet at the back, you need to throw them out. It's a lot less painful when you haven't paid three digits for them. 

4. Restocked my candle supply - if you haven't tried Circa Home then you need to get on it. I'm especially loving 'Lilac & Orchid' and 'Oceanique' for summer. They are all natural soy wax candles (hand-made in Australia) and I like that they produce a gentle scent that doesn't overpower. I love burning candles and I'm so glad I discovered Circa Home when I was shopping at Tuchuzy more than a year ago. I think it's a perfect candle for days where Diptyque is just not justified. 

5. Found my old MAC 'Sweetie' lipstick in a clutch that I haven't used in ages. Finding old lipsticks can only be topped by finding money stashed in old bags.

6. Starting to receive the library of books I've ordered recently from Book Depository in preparation of Christmas vacation time. Will definitely put up some recommendations when I get a chance!

x karen


  1. Your pictures are so nice! The pompom bouquet is so adorable.


  2. I love the flowers! Such a cute pictures :)

  3. Lovely photos, Peony &chrysanthemum pom are my fav flowers, too.

  4. These pictures are just amazing!!! Started following you with Bloglovin' too!



  5. Lovely photos! Those flowers are so beautiful :)

    I can't wait for my upcoming Christmas holidays to make my way through some books I've set aside too - looking forward to lazy days in the hammock! :)

    Away From Blue

  6. lovely pics!

    Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Let me know on my blog! ^^

  7. amazing pics, very inspired!
    love the flowers <3
    kisses x