Monday, 11 November 2013


Ellery dress, Valentino heels (seen here), Celine clutch (seen here & here)

This is probably one of the hardest blog posts I've ever had to write. There is such expectation that comes with the thought of Graduation. It's the culmination of five and a half long years of studying. It's the last indication that you're really growing up and about to become an "adult". I want to be inspirational and talk of how much I've learnt and grown in the past few years; or lament that it's an end of a era and, essentially, my childhood. I expected emotional farewells to the campus, lecturers and students. What I did not expect was the dull ache of knowing that I should be feeling more emotions than I actually was. 

The Graduation Ceremony itself occurs almost a full semester after my last class/exam/assessment and in the meantime, I've completed the College of Law course, eased from part-time to full-time work at a law firm and, as of today, handed in my application for Admission as a Solicitor. University, with its lectures, missed classes and long lunchtimes seems simultaneously only yesterday and so so far away. It was rather surreal, and belated, to go back to campus to officially graduate when so much has occurred in between. I'm still waiting for that feeling to wash over me that my undergraduate career is well and truly over. 

However, I can honestly say in my almost six years at university; I have met some amazing people, made friendships that I know will last forever and beyond (i.e. BFFs!), I've truly played with the the limits of sleep deprivation and caffeine addiction, I've learnt to play Poker and consequently learnt too much from "boy talk", I've spent summer holidays almost exclusively at the Beach and I've perfected the art of online shopping whilst simultaneously listening during Lectures. 

And what I learnt from the Graduation Ceremony itself?

1. Hearing all the people who are graduating with honours etc. does almost make me wish I worked harder. Almost.
2. Even if your dress looks like a normal and socially acceptable length, with the addition of the long ceremonial gown- it will look like you are only wearing a top.
3. It will require considerable manpower to carry flowers, coat, belongings etc around campus to get all the photos taken. Friends should be bribed so that they don't only take photos of themselves. 
4. Coffee is your friend. Embrace it for the long ceremony itself. 
5. When someone goes up to receive their doctorate; you will torn between determination to add a "Dr." in front of your name and jealousy over her Manolos. Your inner fashion blogger will always win over the inner Academic. 


 x karen


  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!!! That Ellery was such a good choice and those flowers are stunning! So happy for you :)

    Em xx

  2. congrats on graduating! in valentino no less :) and the white ellery is goes so well with your gown!

    steph /

  3. congratulations doll!!! well done! you look lovely!

  4. Congratulations on graduating! Your dress is lovely!

  5. Congratulations gorgeous! You looked absolutely stunning Valentino on your grad day is always necessary hehe xx

  6. Brilliant post. I love how you broke down the day at the end. Really brought a smile to my face especially the 'Dr/Manolos' reference. How true!

    I just wanted to say a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! What an achievement and I swear no one could have possibly looked more fashionable on the day than you :-)

    x Mandi

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post! It's crazy how much happy I get when people read the written aspect of the post and like it, especially as a fashion blogger - I secretly want to be an author haha!

      Thanks so much!

  7. Congratulation dear!!
    follow me on insagram so we can sty in touch!!

  8. COngratulations, you look stunning, that dress is so classy looking, and those SHOES UUUGGHHH
    x MM