Monday, 20 August 2012

apparently SLP has a better ring than YSL?

yves saint no more?

Unless you've been living under a rock that has no internet connection, and if you're with Vodafone- you probably don't need to be under a rock to not receive internet connection- you'd know that under the helm of Hedi Slimane the new ready-to-wear lines from the iconic brand Yves Saint Laurent will officially become Saint Laurent Paris. Apparently the traditionally interlocked initial YSL stamp will remain unaltered on the handbags, shoes and cosmetics but I question how long that will remain. It's one of the most recognisable logos in the world...and some new guy thinks thinks that he has the right to alter that legacy? I get that he thinks he's drawing his inspiration from the first collection which was named 'Saint Laurent Rive Gauche' but isn't that a tad bit ironic considering he's already moved the design studios to LA? Perhaps the addition of 'Paris' to the name is overcompensation for the recent address change? Someone needs to tell the boy to buy a Ferrari and get over it. 

I say it's time to stock up on YSL pieces before your clutch comes with an S lock. Unless someone within the PPR Group recognises the stupidity atrocious nature of this decision and gets a new creative director stat (Mr Pinault, I'm looking at you!). Or perhaps a quiet name change back to YSL?

Anyways, my main point is this: turn off your computer, put on some (still YSL) lipstick and go forth and buy some YSL before everything goes down the pooper. I personally have my eyes on those leopard hi-tops.


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  1. SLP reminds me of SJP. Not a fan, I suppose in time we'll just get used to it but I think the name/ brand is something to be respected (and I think the reason was to separate themselves from the fake YSL products out there - SLP will just be copied regardless). YSL is more than just a name and a logo, it holds years and years of history and maintains a reputation not only in the fashion world but in general. It seems to be such a sacred thing idk why anyone would want to touch it.